Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My sewing machine

This is my sewing machine. I inherited it from MiMi Mitstifer...a very crafty lady. It is a Kenmore from I think the mid-70's; although, not sure about the exact year.

If you are looking to get into sewing, don't rush out and buy the latest and greatest machine. You can find these old machines at yard sales, thrift shops, your aunt's attic, in the garbage (that's where one of my sewing classmates found hers and it works like a charm), etc. These old machines do the basics and work great for a beginner sewer. You can see what you like and dislike and then if you want to invest in a newer, more expensive machine and get all the bells and whistles you know you want and will use.

Also, sewing repair stores also sell used machines. My sewing teacher warned against buying the $99 models that are often sold at the big box stores...they break quickly and cannot be repaired.

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