Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Wreath

Everyone gets tons of Christmas cards that they end up throwing away (or hopefully putting in the recycling bin). Well this project is an easy way to reuse all those cards. Just make a template of a holly leaf on husband just drew one for me freehand but I'm sure there are lots out on the web. Cut out the leaves from your cards, then hot glue toothpicks to the back of the cards, leaving enough toothpick to push into a Styrofoam wreath (these can be found at Joann's). Arrange the leaves to have a coherent look and then when finished, attach a festive ribbon to the top and hang indoors to spread holiday cheer.

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  1. Hey Tara!
    I am writing a how-to blog post for a Christmas blog for a step by step way to make this craft! May I use the image you have on this post as part of it? Please let me know- I'd really appreciate it!